I am traveling a lot, this is reason why I have Wurina if necessary


Festivals, concerts and Toi Toi
Every woman knows.
I dont have to touch anything with Wurina.
I go out with smile on my face 🙂


It's funnyyy and I can wee
with my brother outside



What is Wurina?

WURINA is a single-use hygienic aid for women to urinate while standing and to prevent diseases from toilet. We don’t want women to use urinals but to do their need with dignity even on a toilet cabin where cleanliness doesn’t play a role. And that is our goal. That women will feel confident and safe even on such places when they feel urgent need to go to toilet.
Be yourself in every situation!


Simple use

Your own pattern

Not limited by age

Czech product

Recyclable paper

Tested by bush

Market uniqueness

No more embarrassment
on toilets

Assembled by disabled team

Balanced by genders

The most hygienic / Revolutionary / Timeless

How to use Wurina?

    • Remove Wurina from the packaging
    • Hold Wurina in one hand so that your thumb is placed on top of Wurina
    • With your other hand remove a tissue from its pocket
    • Press Wurina gently from sides towards centre to form shape of a cone
    • Ensure the flow inside the cone is free from any blockage, place the wider end of the cone onto your vagina so that the narrow end is pointing to the toilet
    • After the use, release the sides of Wurina so that it flattens to its original form
    • Use the tissue for an intimate hygiene
    • After the use of tissue, insert this back into Wurina and place it in an appropriate waste container.
    • We recommend to use Wurina for the first time in the comfort of your own bathroom, so that you feel comfortable and confident using Wurina in the future occasions.

What is in the packaging?

This hygienic tool is designed to fit to all women of all age categories. This is also one of the reasons why the packaging contains 7 different patterns. Each product contains white tissue which is made of 100% Cellulose material and all is packed into a clear protective wraps.


Do you want your event to be known as one of the first where women leave the toilets with a smile? Based on your requirements We will print the pattern or logo on Wurina for FREE!



My story

My name is David Vala, I invented and designed the hygienic tool “WURINA” for women. The lack of similar products on the market for women has always been of my concern. Before all I was most concerned about prevention and protection of women from health risks related to the use of public toilets. The primary reason for this was that I have been surrounded by women all my life, and it is said, that I am a good listener. Every single time, when I visited a music festival I would hear of the same bad experiences from women having to use unclean toilets, or cases when women would rather leave coffee shops early from their get-togethers with friends to use bathroom at home than use the one in the coffee shop. And I am not even mentioning cases of pregnant women who have the need to urinate on far more frequent scale.

In fact, most women find it difficult to use bathroom elsewhere than in the comfort of their own home. And when you find yourself in a situation where you really have to use toilets in places other than home, you usually try every other option to avoid sitting on the toilet seat, such as decorating the seat with toilet paper or holding the walls in order to perform basic human need. I respect women, and I believe that your dignity should not be compromised, ever! Most of my friends would tell me that this is “normal”, this is the way it is, this is how they were taught form young age, and that there was no other option. I remembered that I already saw a tool which could help women to resolve this issue. However, the tools available on the market at the time, were strangely formed, weirdly appearing cones which were not complex or they were not functional at all.

And this is when I began to think profoundly about this problem. I designed first prototypes of samples which I gave to my friends for testing, with their feedback and help I was able to further improve, innovate and finally achieve a product that is suitable for all women. I began to pursue this idea with all I had. While I was discouraged by close friends and family, I sold my apartment in order to gain some capital, in order to finance production and marketing for my product. I left my job and I invested all my passion and efforts into the project WURINA.

It is not fair, that us, men, can “go” practically anytime and anywhere, but women are significantly disadvantaged. If men can stand to satisfy their need, who said that women can’t? It might just be a prejudice, a habbit, as my friends who tested my product told me, they would not leave their homes without Wurina in their handbag. I am confident, due to very positive feedback of many women, that my hygienic tool helps and protects you women. Thanks to Wurina you will always feel confident without compromising your dignity.

Where to buy?




Ze Země
Horní náměstí 10, pasáž Duky, Znojmo
přírodní drogerie, kosmetika
a zdravý životní styl


Lékárna U Nádraží
Dr.Milady Horákové 884/7

Salon Ziky
Horní náměstí 5, Znojmo
ve dvoře Penzionu u Císaře Zikmunda

Butik Brusinky
Kollárova 336/3
669 02, Znojmo

Lékárna u Hippokrata
Kounicova 688/26, Znojmo
tel.: +420 777 319 902
mail: lekarna@uhippokrata.cz

Lékárna U sv. Zdislavy
Excalibur City Hatě – Hatě 183



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